6 Recruiting Lessons From World’s Successful Recruitment Experts

Recruiting Process

The recruitment industry and the process of talent acquisition are ever-changing and if you look into the current scenario everybody is in, you can conclude that it has to become more flexible in terms of accommodating candidates. Last year it was more about hiring candidates for soft skills and potential and now in 2020 amidst this coronavirus pandemic, it definitely has to be more about flexible work environments and being more open about pay. In a survey carried out by LinkedIn, it was concluded that recruitment leaders across the world have identified with the above and are willing to create great changes in the workplace.

As a result what candidates can now expect is more accountability, transparency and trust. Mark Lobosco, the Vice President of talent solutions for LinkedIn says what recruiters now need to look for more in the job seekers are not just their technical skills but also their ability to respond creatively, quickly and all collaborative aspects. So here Recruit CRM is presenting you with top 6 lessons from the world’s leading recruitment experts.