AI: Recruiting’s Exoskeleton

Recruiting Process

A lot of people are worried about artificial intelligence and what the rise of this technology means for the future of work. “Will this take my job?” is a very common question that I get when I talk about AI in recruiting.

The short answer is no. Strong AI that is capable of replacing humans is a long way off. Even for simple use cases, most AI is simply a tool for humans, not a replacement. Even companies like Apple have found their algorithms to be biased and lacking independence.

That said, AI can be very useful, just like traditional software. In fact, there are many ai recruiting tools that effectively leverage this technology to help to recruit source, screen, and hire. This is why I like to think of AI as our new exoskeleton that allows recruiting teams to focus on deeper human interaction, as well as the strategy behind their recruiting process.

Here’s this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday, a short primer on AI and the core use cases that are already proving effective for TA teams:

ai recruiting tools

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