Founder Stories: Raphael Crawford-Marks

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At Select Software Reviews, we love getting to know the faces behind the software.

Welcome to our new series, Founder Stories, where we will give our readers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the people who have founded the companies that are shaping HR Tech.

Today we’re highlighting Bonusly’s founder Raphael Crawford-Marks. We’ve known Bonusly for a while now and have been featuring them as one of the top employee rewards and recognition solutions out there. Here’s a look at their founder’s story!

Bonusly’s Raphael Crawford-Marks

Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say, and this certainly held true for Raphael Crawford-Marks, founder of Bonusly. After seeing multiple failed attempts of company efforts to reward its employees, he thought there had to be a better way.

“I could see that the technological, cultural, and economic changes wrought by the knowledge economy would force companies to adopt more employee-centric management practices. I believed software could enable and enhance this shift toward employee-centricity,” he said.

What started as a side project has grown into a full-fledged solution to the ongoing problem of how to properly and effectively reward hard-working employees.

Looking to the Future

Bonusly Team

Bonusly has its eye on future growth, particularly in light of businesses reopening post-coronavirus. Crawford-Marks noted that many companies who are transitioning toward more remote workers will see an increased need for ways to build cohesiveness in their teams.

From milestone recognition to everyday moments of excellence, Bonusly helps its clients put employees first. Year-round recognition, rather than the typical annual review process, is integral to Bonusly’s approach. The platform also engages employees in recognizing each other, which helps build stronger connections. Monetary rewards can even be put toward charitable contributions. 

Mixing Business and Pleasure

When he has time to get away from the office, Crawford-Marks makes family time a priority. He is even getting into a little homesteading, having recently built a chicken coop and adopted several chicks. Taking a break from the office helps him clear his head so he can make sure Bonusly continues to grow in the right direction.

“I’m excited for Bonusly to serve a million, ten million, a hundred million and more employees across the world,” he said. “Our mission is to enable all companies to succeed by using Bonusly to build high-engagement, high-performance teams.”


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