How to source on the lesser known Arc.Dev!!

Recruiting Process

Arc.Dev is a simpler way to hire great remote talent. Helping organizations scale faster with top vetted developers. Arc is your complete remote hiring solution. However most recruiters don’t think to source there because they are not sure how. Or they are concerned about 3rd parties etc. Simply reach into your bag of tricks and pull out an old tried and true tool, a simple xray search with some extras, and a whole lot of website searching

So to source within you simply need to use a skill known as xraying, like the one below. DevOps


If you run the strings above in google you will get the results below.

Now of course this is generic so simply add what you are searching for to the string.

Now once you open up the url you will see, well everything you need, just use your social detective skills. I know in this case it was only 2720 results, but each results leads to a lot of results.

If you need more info on X-raying see my blog post…

See my YouTube video on x-raying


Until next week, may the source be with you!

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