New content on SocialTalent: What’s fresh this week?


We’ve been delighted to see so many of you using SocialTalent at record rates in the past few months. To reflect this high usage, we’ve started releasing new content on the platform every two weeks, so you’ll always have a fresh stream of new learning material, delivered by world leading experts.

So what’s fresh in this week’s content release?

Inclusive Leadership: Lessons for managers on building an engaged, productive team
With Vessy Tasheva

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Great for: Recruitment managers & people leaders

What’s it about? Inclusion is a practice, not a result, and through Vessy’s programme, you’ll learn the five elements of being an inclusive leader and the practices that you can incorporate into your everyday interactions and intentions with each of your team to foster an environment where your team feel they belong, they are engage and highly productive.

As a leader, this course will teach you how to realise optimal people performance through establishing hope, trust, compassion and stability into your team.

Programmatic Advertising in Recruiting
With Shane Grey

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Great for: Recruiters

What’s it about?  Did you know over half of all job ads receive less than 2% of all applications, the top 6% of ads take in over one third of all CVs, and  the bottom 10% which get absolutely no applications from that source whatsoever?

In a world where job advertising is becoming more expensive and less effective, Programmatic Job Advertising is a technology that you need to make use of – and fast. Rather than post job ads to “slots” on job boards where you’re forced to spend a set fee whether the ad attracts 10 applicants or 100 (or 1000), programmatic advertising is a way to optimise your recruitment advertising spend in real time.

In this session, from technology entrepreneur Shane Gray, you’ll learn how programmatic advertising can work in a job advertising context. You’ll also get an introduction to some key rules that you can set up to optimise your job ad spend right away and minimise waste.