Recruiter Index®: Majority of Recruiters Predict Hiring Activity Will Increase in the Next 30 Days


Since April, has been tracking recruiter sentiment and hiring activity through the Recruiter Index®, an ongoing survey of recruiters and hiring professionals on the front lines of the job market today.

While May’s poll showed significant improvements in recruiter confidence and job market activity over April’s, June’s results are strikingly positive. For the first time since the survey began, the majority of recruiters — 51.4 percent — believe their job requirement loads will increase in the next 30 days. CEO Evan Sohn once again appeared on CNBC to discus the results with Scott Wapner last night. View the video below to hear more:

[embedded content]

Additional highlights from the latest survey include:

• In May, 42.8 percent of respondents said COVID-19 had a “great effect” on their recruiting efforts. This time around, that number fell precipitously to 16.3 percent.

• The average recruiter is working on 20 open roles, compared to 12 in April and 15 in May.

• In May, 23.8 percent of recruiters said they felt the job market was improving. Today, that number has jumped to 35 percent.

See the infographic below for more results from the June 2020 Recruiter Index®.

Recruiter Index June 2020

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