Sneak Peek of a new tool: Da Costa’s Sourcing Links

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da costa's sourcing links

A First Look at a Brand New Tool: Da Costa’s Sourcing Links

Big Announcement! Today’s video from Dean Da Costa is not on just any tool, but one he has created. He will be showing you a sneak peek at his own, brand new tool “Da Costa’s Sourcing Links.” Plus, as part of the 12 Days of Sourcing, there will be a live event discussing more in-depth. See below for more information.

Da Costa’s Sourcing Links gives you access to all the search, lookup, and verification links that Dean has collected and validated, and arranged by function. He has created pre-populated search bars to make searching easier through multiple channels.

Perform general searches with the Search Engines tab. Validate and cross-reference email addresses. Search through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Find people using real names, or usernames, as well as telephone numbers and images. Search documents by file type, or even search through “paste sites” like Pastebin, or communities like Reddit, Voat, and 4Chan.

But the real piece de resistance here is the X-Ray and Bookmark Search. Use this to X-Ray into the list of pre-populated engines. The boolean string is created for you based on what you populate in the search field. Yes, many of these are paid tools, but you can also be creative and use other tools/skills to find contact information.

There it is! Quick, simple, easy. Nice job, Dean! To learn more, check out the demo below!

How do you get the tool? Find out at the live event!

12 Days of Sourcing Live Event

Join the 12 Days of Sourcing Live Event, launching Da Costa’s Sourcing Links, on Tuesday, December 15th at 1 PM EST!

During the live event, Dean will discuss the everyday tools he uses, talk more about his new Sourcing Links program, and will demo some top sourcing tools for you as well.

We will close out with an open session where Dean solves problems for you real-time. Don’t miss it, register here to be notified of webinar details!

da costa's sourcing links

~ Noel Cocca

Look inside with Dean Da Costa:

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