Successful teams require team members to find meaningful experience from the team

Recruiting Process

The essences of the world of collaboration that we are in coupled with the demands of the VUCA age and the generational demands is that in order to have successful teams all of the team members must feel that they have a worthwhile role and place on the team.

In order to maintain that state, the empowered team needs to recognize the diversity of thought and ideas. It means that management needs to refrain from talking down ideas as not the way we do things around here or that the idea is not their job. Having a meaningful experience means that they are not the child in the Adrienne Rich poe who looks in the mirror and they are not there.

I understand that meaning is in the ye of the beholder. Management and the Team Sponsor must take concrete steps to understand the wants and needs of the entire team. They must understand what the team members consider a meaningful experience. They must understand why one experience may be meaningful to one member of the team and totally a waste of time to another.

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