Talking TA Tech With New ERE Columnist Lance Haun

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You cannot be an effective talent acquisition professional unless you are managing talent acquisition technology effectively these days.

Easier said than done, of course. There’s so much to consider: the countless software solutions out there, AI, myriad bells and whistles, AI, integration issues, AI, implementation challenges, AI, automation, and…no need to say it again. 

Making sense of all the tips and trends and buzzwords can make you feel like you’re at a three-ring circus. With so much to look at, to think about, it can all seem confusing and overwhelming.

That’s where Lance Haun comes in. Lance is ERE’s newest columnist (and former editor of ERE’s sister sites SourceCon and TLNT). Drawing on his many years of experience as a practitioner, consultant, researcher, and writer covering the world of HR and recruiting, Lance will share his insights to help you understand TA tech better so that you can make wiser decisions in your own organization. 

Check out the video below to get to know Lance. He and ERE editor Vadim Liberman converse about a range of topics, including: 

  • Top trends in — and concerns about — TA tech today
  • Which trends should not be trends
  • How tech has evolved over recent years
  • The ongoing battle between platform vs best-of-breed solutions
  • The impact that increasing automation is having on recruiting
  • The biggest misconceptions and assumptions that vendors and practitioners have about each other
  • Why meeting Vadim was the biggest highlight of Lance’s life

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