The State of Online Recruiting 2020


The State of Online Recruiting 2020

What trends and challenges are keeping today’s employers and job seekers up at night? According to recruitment platform iHire’s newly released 2020 State of Online Recruiting Report, 77.1% of employers say their top challenge when recruiting online is finding qualified, relevant talent.

As recently unemployed professionals return to the workforce, this issue will only intensify. 16.2% of employers expect an influx of applicants to be the single biggest trend impacting their ability to recruit through online platforms in the coming year.

On the other side of the recruiting equation: iHire’s report suggests that job seekers are most concerned with a lack of employer communication. 18.8% said their No.1 challenge when searching for a job online is not hearing back from employers after applying and/or interviewing.

Other top responses included the inability to find jobs in one’s desired location (17.2%). As well as the struggle to find positions they are qualified for (12.1%).

For more insights from iHire’s survey of 3,184 U.S. employers and job seekers, check out the full report.