Why it Isn’t Too Late to Start an Apprenticeship After 30

Recruiting Process

There’s never a wrong time to learn a new skill or trade. If you feel like you’re stuck in a job or career which isn’t right or you, change it. Many people can fall into a trap of thinking they must stick to their first choice which they made at school. It may be daunting to challenge this idea and change your career. Embarking on an adult apprenticeship may seem daunting and like a huge risk. You may have questions such as will it work out? Or, what if I’m not good enough and can’t find a job in this field??

No matter how daunting it may be, don’t think you’ve missed the boat on starting an apprenticeship after you turn 30. In fact, most employers will respect the fact that you’ve gone outside of your comfort zone and are driven enough to change the course of your life. They will appreciate the risk you have taken and know that you’re serious about a career in your chosen field — something that they may feel less confident about in relation to younger apprentices. If you’re considering embarking on an apprenticeship scheme, read on to find out how you could transform your life for the better!


When looking at your finances, it may be off-putting to leave your current job to embark on an apprenticeship scheme can be off-putting. However, most businesses will support you as best they can, and with the prospect of a more highly paid full-time job at the end of the scheme, it could be worth it! Furthermore, if you’re over 24 and applying for an advanced-level apprenticeship or a higher apprenticeship, you may be eligible for adult skills funding from Student Finance England. This loan isn’t dependant on income and there are no credit checks, so everyone should be entitled to financial help while undergoing one of these apprenticeships.

Job security

It could be much more appealing to embark on an apprenticeship rather than go back to university if you want to change your career path. Although taking new classes and learning new skills should always be encouraged, many advanced learners leave their university course wondering, “What’s next?”. If all goes to plan, you won’t need to worry about this ominous prospect with an apprenticeship. In an apprenticeship, your employer will be training you up with the plan of keeping you on after your course is completed. If you are successful, you can benefit from a substantial pay-rise, increased job responsibility, and job security.

Back to school

You’re never too old to learn — that’s one of the wonderful things about starting an apprenticeship later in life. Especially for those who have remained in the same uninspiring job for a long time, there is no limit to the doors an apprenticeship might open. With apprenticeships being offered in so many sectors, from banks to becoming a electric motor repair company, this is a great way to embark on a brand new career path without forking out for university funds.

If you start an apprenticeship, it will take you through the whole learning process which will let you make the transition from novice to expert in your chosen field at an quick rate. The hands-on approach will let you step straight into your dream job with the utmost confidence, and you won’t have to worry about stepping out of the world of work and returning to education. Whether you need to change your job for financial reasons, to move away from a manual job if your physical ability has decreased, or if you just need a fresh start, an apprenticeship could be perfect for you!